German Xtravaganza

Our Captain's German Xtravaganza

(Claire MacIntosh)

Thanks to all those who supported Hans and I in our German Night on Saturday.  My highlights, of which there are many, will be a lot of singing (sore throats seemed a common complaint on Sunday), table banging and hand clapping (sore hands another complaint!) and yodelling - well that's what it was supposed to be - from Hans and two  'unsuspecting' men. 

An audition for the brass band section from last year's Lady Captain, Karen, and myself - we failed!  Although I would have to say Karen's raspberry blowing - the key to getting any sound out of said instrument - was better than mine!!

And finally the brilliant band whose leather shorts couldn't have been much shorter and the great food served up by our team in the kitchen.

The photo speaks for itself! Say no more - a great evening'

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